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44,196 words. Will post again after I meet up with my fellow NaNoing buddies.

I am only nine chapters in, which is good as I don't have to pad the actual story. But I have deviated sufficiently from the outline and require a bit of planning after each chapter. Will be so glad when November is over.


Progress: 18030 words.

Chapters 1-3 are finished with a healthy start on 4, and it hasn't even been two weeks. I might just take the day off today. Then again, I said that yesterday and ended up writing a scene which almost got up to a daily quota. This year's NaNo is going swimmingly, unlike the last few times.

The differences between this year and all the others:

1) I decided to have as much fun as possible instead of stressing out over my wordcount

2) I'm working on a novel which I've been planning for roughly two years, for which I've already scrapped the actual first draft and about 7 outlines
joseph gordon-levitt, bank dance, zooey deschanel

Do the multiply

Short Stories Completed: 6

Short Stories In Folder: 9

Newest brain child is a Western short story, most likely the prologue/first chapter of a novel. I like the characters and the fact that it is a Western, so expansion is very likely indeed.
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Writing progress

Short Stories In Progress: 5

Short Stories Finished: 4

Getting there! Trimmed off stories I am not working on due to not remembering what happened next due to lack of outlines loss of interest. I now have one week to finish a contest entry, lawl.

Also the short story I have just finished is about whores.

Surprisingly not a hypocrite

Camp NaNoWriMo Progress: 9453

After doling out "how to ask someone out advice", I was about to tag on the usual "Of course I'm not a sterling example of confidence lawl". Then I realized that I confessed an attraction to the Ugly Bastard first. Twice.

Woo for exhibiting growth as a person