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Words are my weapon

So here's a list of all the original fiction I have in progress so far.

1) Via Lunae: Novel. Fantasy, Adventure. 50000 words in, about halfway done.

2) Soup Bones and Rotary Phones: Short story. General. Orphans grow up without ever being adopted, and informally adopt each other as siblings. Set in the eighties, because I like rotary phones. When speaking to someone else about it, I had to explain what soup bones were, which caused inordinate melancholy.

3) Morning and Afternoon: Short story. Romance, Humor. A man meets his new neighbor, and falls in love amidst copious literary references and smart-people stuff like chess. Then he finds out that she is eight years younger than him.

4) A Dozen Dozens: Short story. Romance. A baker and a banker meet. Mostly an excuse for me to use an awesome title and play with words some more.

5) Please, Don't Mention It: Short story. Romance, Mystery. A young man finds out his girlfriend is unconscious in the hospital after a hit and run. When she comes to, her memory is fine up till the hour before she got hit, but what she did in that hour serves to change their lives. Mostly an excuse for me to use a pun which requires knowledge of two languages to be understood fully.

6) ???: Short story. Contest entry. Based on a song. Cannot say anything about it other than that.

7) The Ones Who Can Wait: Short story. Fantasy, Romance. Two people get accidentally transported to a strange place where time passes strangely, and cannot bring themselves to go back to their terrible lives. On the backburner.

8) One Night in the Life of Allie Jones: Short story. Drama. After being orphaned, a young woman becomes a prostitute to support herself and her younger sister. An exercise in using strange story structures. On the backburner because this needs planning.

9) Nobody's Watching: Short story. Drama. An elaboration for the backstory of a character from Via Lunae. Will likely be scrapped once I find the courage to delete it as second-person is hard to write.

Tags: original fiction, writing
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