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Okay so everyone's been raving about The Legend of Korra and I am no different seeing as I liked it on Facebook then checked up on Korra Nation every day to see if it reached 10000 likes so we could watch the premiere early and it happened and I even watched the little trailer clips and then I went on a hunt for 20s fanart of the Krew because if Bryke didn't want us to draw absolutely everyone in fedoras and pinstriped suits then they wouldn't have put drawn one of the Yakuza wearing those and after I found THIS GLORIOUS SEXY FANART OF THE KREW I changed my avatar in honor of the change in Avatar and also I made the fanart my background so I could stare at it FOREVER when taking notes

Slightly more sane note: The airbending temple island looks exactly like Alcatraz, which means "Isle of Pelicans", and I wondered what they would mush pelicans with. Peliherons? Pelistorks? Pelegrets?
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I have just finished one of two short plays to be submitted for a contest. They are both probably too ambitious for minimalist sets, but at least they'll both be under ten pages each.

Suffering from a touch of crushing depression as well. I've been sleeping for ten hours lately and the fact that it has been raining for four days straight is not helping.

Monthly entry #1

Doing homework as we speak. Statistics. Nobody said it was easy. Nobody said it would be strangely fun, either. (Even without rewards such as dancing around in my Belle costume singing to a book of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales.)

Trying desperately to not freak out that the manager I've called twice hasn't called me back to schedule an interview. In four days. The interview itself will likely go well since I have experience in both cashier work and receptionist work.

Writing: Have too many ideas, will fit into another post.

Also: Valentine's Day. People talking incessantly about it. Wish to hibernate until this all blows over because long-distance relationship sucks.

happy blk;2t90y0-I:L:"

Am hungover but alive. Sorry for not updating for a month two months, guys.

Made about one chapter of progress then fizzled out due to sudden depression.

Frantically working my way through various recipes from various cuisines to keep emotions in check. So far I've made jook, ricotta cheese, plain old American sugar cookies. Tomorrow I'm working on brioche and lentil soup.

Hoping that it's not a thyroid problem again, I really don't want to go through rounds of medication and then possibly withdrawal again.

TOMORROW FOR SURE I will make progress on writing my novel, and practicing my drawing every day.
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Won with 50474 words. This was the most fun I've had writing since... well, mid-October. I mean, there were a couple points where it slogged like nothing else, but I went out and did something else for a few hours and when I came back it was easier. And actively trying to have fun instead of letting my inner editor go crazy or worrying about plot and stuff, that likely helped a fair bit.

going to pass out now